Hot Tip Tuesday #3

This week's tip, continues on our milk theme. Today we're focusing on temperature and how to our milk just right using a temperature probe.

Do you use one? It is a tool that can have a great effect on your consistency and give you confidence. However there are a few things to keep in mind when using them.


1. Remember the lag

Temperature readings, especially on cheaper probes, are not instantaneous. So although you may turn the steam off when the probe says 60 degrees, watch how the gauge continues to rise even with the steam off. How many degrees out was it? How long was the lag? 

2. Calibrate

Has your temperature probe been calibrated correctly? There isn't any point using the probe if it is reading the wrong temperature anyway. To calibrate, put the probe in a known temperature of water (ie.boiling or freezing water) check it is reading correctly and adjust the needle if necessary.

Please note: Calibration techniques may vary between probes

3. Read the milk not the steam

Try to keep the temperature probe away from the steam tip, otherwise you may be reading the steam temperature rather than the milk, leaving you with a very cold cup of coffee.


So if you use  a temperature probe with your milk, remember these 3 things so you milk isn't too hot or too cold, but just right!

Posted on October 15, 2014 .