Apologies for the late update, it's been a pretty hectic few weeks! On top of being busy with Home Ground Barista jobs I have also been out at the showgrounds, helping out Reverence Coffee Roasters and the RASV using the gold award winning Carousel blend, I've also moved house in the last couple of weeks so don't think I've forgotten about you!

But now, I can get focused again on helping out my fellow home baristas with some more Tuesday Tip action!

Today, we are going to focus on simplifying the milk process.


I could give you a thousand tips on milk, (well maybe not that many) but instead I'm going to give you a fool proof starting point to get rid of that fluffy bubbly stuff that we see way too often.

The best advice I can give you is to start in the right place. You only have a second or two to get the right spot before it's a lost cause.

But... if you start right guess what?... The milk will do the rest for you! Sound too easy?

Here's my 5 step recipe to get perfect milk every time....

1. Fill the jug to the right level - bottom of the spout or just over half full.

2. Keep the steam wand at a 45 degree angle,

3. The steam wand tip should enter the milk just off centre, only 1-2mm below the surface,

4. Point the steam wand to the opposite bottom corner of the jug, keeping the wand at a 45 degree angle.

5. Finally, turn the steam wand on quickly! Don't hesitate!

Now that you have started in the right position what next? 

Nothing... that's right do nothing! If you've started correctly you don't have to move, just keep the jug where it is. The milk will rise in the jug in a whirlpool action and texture itself, all you have to do is keep it controlled. If the whirlpool starts getting a bit crazy on you just tilt the jug slightly to one side to control it.

So give this 5 step recipe a go and let me how you go with it in the comments below.

Happy Extracting :)

Lucas Mason

The Home Ground Barista

Posted on October 7, 2014 .