Rookie Mistake

Recently I refurbished my home machine, which hadn't been running very well for awhile. 

It laid in pieces for weeks, much to the annoyance of any visitors who wanted a coffee! 

So, when I put it all back together, I expected good things to happen....well we all live in hope right? haha

After about half a kilo of coffee and still no shot worth drinking, I was getting worried I'd stuffed it up somehow, was I losing pressure? had I missed a valve?... There didn't seem to be anything technically wrong... no hissing or hot water spraying out of the machine.

maybe it was just the beans, they were given to me for free after all...

Voila! success!

So the lesson here? Don't use free beans with no roast date to test your machine.

As always fresh is best.


Posted on March 23, 2015 .