Is coffee art or science?

Last week I was back on the tools for a few days, bringing coffee to the masses, when a customer sheepishly asked me a question. "So, is coffee an art or a science?"

I can't remember exactly how I responded... from memory I laughed, said something like "it depends who you ask" and poured a rosetta in his latte for him. He seemed satisfied with this answer but it is a question that comes up fairly often in the industry. Some baristas approach coffee with a lab coat and safety glasses; drooling over their new set of precision scales, obsessing over micrograms, ratios, refractometers and the like. Others, take a fluid approach, "feeling" their way to the infamous "god shot" and view scales and timers as a form of cheating their art. How should we view coffee and the role of the barista? Are they are a scientist or an artist?

Posted on June 23, 2014 .

Welcome to the 1st ever Home Ground Barista Blog Post!

It has taken awhile, but the day has finally arrived to start talking about that special little guy in our lives that we all love so so much: the humble coffee bean

Looking at my cup of coffee this morning, it's humbling to reflect on how many passionate hands were involved in getting this coffee into my hands.... From farmers, high up in hills, caring for their farms, shipped all around the world and roasted locally, perfectly, to reach my cup...

This first post outlines what Home Ground Barista aims to offer through the pages of this blog...

Happy Extracting!

Posted on June 10, 2014 .