Why train on a machine you'll likely never use again?

At Home Ground Barista we believe that directly applying your skills to your own unique set-up is essential to getting the most out of your training.

No trips to overcrowded training centres here. These sessions are designed to give you the best opportunity to develop your skills and appreciation for coffee.

What's included?

  • coffee and milk to use during the session
  • 1.5-2 hours training at your convenience
  • no cleaning! all cups and glasses provided and taken away.
  • training specific to your equipment
  • training to your level of experience and what you want to learn
  • grinder can be provided for use during the session
  • option to add friends to the session ($40/person)
  • 250g of coffee beans for you to use in your own time
  • access to ebook (coming soon)

 Our barista training courses are designed to help you master your machine with the coffee you want to use.

From espresso basics to specialty coffee techniques, we'll show you the tips and tricks of Melbourne's finest.

Cafe's are an intrinsic part of Melbourne culture. Yet the coffee quality can vary greatly between cafes and even individual baristas. It's not uncommon for customers to check if their barista is working before ordering! Many owners can't afford to send someone offsite for training so let us help you out. 

We'll come on-site to your cafe in metro Melbourne and develop a program for your set up and staff.