Frequently Asked Questions

What times of day can I book sessions for?

Home Ground Barista is hobby business I set up to help Home baristas. As such I still have a day job, so sessions are available weekends and weeknights, please contact us for further details.

Can I book a weekend session?

Of course!

What sort of coffee machine is appropriate for training?

All manual and semi automatic machines are suitable for training. This is includes dual boilers, Heat Exchangers (HX) and single boilers. Each machine do have their strengths and weaknesses though so any details you can provide prior to your session will enable us to get into the fun part quicker.

I have an automatic/pod machine, I can't seem to get it right. Can you help?

Unfortunately (or fortunately in some cases), fully automatic machines do not have a lot of adjustment so a normal training session doesn't apply. Nevertheless there are some basic principles, tips and tricks that can help you. Please contact us for a chat about your options.

I've just bought a machine and don't know what to do! Do I need any experience to be trained?

No! Every barista has to start somewhere. In fact you'll find yourself making better coffee faster if you have no experience. All we ask is a willingness to learn and ask as many questions as you like. A good caffeine tolerance wouldn't hurt either!

I've had some experience making coffee, I don't want to start from scratch but I want to get better.

Well you've come to the right place! The beauty of 1 on 1 training is we can cover what you want and only what you need to know not what you already know. We work with you to develop YOUR skills, not a class full of first time nervous students.

What coffee do you use in the sessions?

We are currently working on developing relationships with Melbourne roasters. However we want to replicate your conditions as much as we can.

So if you already like a certain coffee and roaster we're happy to use them. Alternatively, If you don't have a preference or want to try something new then we can accommodate you also.

What is included in the sessions?

Please refer to each session description in the store for specific details.

Do I need a grinder?

No. Freshly ground coffee can make an enormous difference to your coffee however we understand limited budgets. If you don't have a grinder, we can bring pre-ground coffee with us. If you like, we might also sneak in our grinder as well just to show you what a difference it can make. 

Can I purchase training as a gift?

Of course! In fact we encourage it! These can make great gifts. 

We'll send you a gift certificate so you can surprise them. Available in digital (PDF) email or traditional snail mail. Please contact us for details.

Can I bring the machine to you?

Unfortunately, being a fully mobile service we currently do not have this option available however arrangements can be made to meet at a separate location. This may incur an additional service charge. Please contact us for details.

I don't know what machine I have? Does this matter?

No. Not a problem at all. We can work around that. We can normally identify it on site anyway but its not essential. The basic principles of good coffee preparation are universal with all machine makes and models.

My friend wants to do training as well. Can they join our session?

YES! Training with a friend can make the experience all the more fun! All they'll pay is an extra $40.00. Just email us and we'll send you a new invoice. However we do limit each session to a maximum of 3, that is 2 friends and yourself. With domestic machines there often isn't a lot of space and any more than this becomes awkward. Please allow extra time of up to an hour extra. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal, credit cards (Visa, AMEX and Mastercard), and alternative methods such as direct deposit and cash. Please refer these guides for Paypal and alternative method transactions.